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Hotel Giant 2Hotel Giant 2 

Release date: November 2008
Publisher: Nobilis
Genre: Life simulation / Management

Synopsis:  Following its tremendous success, Hotel Giant is coming back better than ever. In Hotel Giant 2 you will create the hotels of your dreams and become the manager of prestigious palaces. Create your own success story and never forget that the customer is always right!

Website : www.hotel-giant.com



Napoleon's CampaignsNapoleon's Campaigns™ 

Release date: November 2007
Publisher: Nobilis
Genre: Turn Based Strategy

Synopsis:  Take part in the greatest strategist of History in this Real Time Strategy game designed with a unique concept based on important historic documentation researched by specialists.

Website : www.napoleons-campaigns.com



ImageCléopâtre, le Destin d'une Reine

Release date: June 2007
Publisher: Nobilis
Genre: Adventure

Synopsis:  Discover the most tumultuous period of Ancient Egypt.  All along the story, you will help Queen Cleopatra make the right decisions to reestablish her reign and the peace in her empire.

Website : www.cleopatra-thegame.com


ImageDestination Treasure Island™

Release date: November 2006
Publisher: Nobilis
Genre: Adventure

Synopsis:  Following the famous novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, Destination Treasure Island takes you on a wild treasure hunt where you'll have to solve mysteries and avoid traps on a paradisiacal island.

Website : www.destination-treasure-island.com



atlantisThe Secret of Atlantis, the sacred legacy

Release date: November 2006
Publisher: Nobilis
Genre: Adventure

Synopsis: You leave to travel the globe in search of the Lost Continent.  You discover magnificent lands, confront numerous enemies.  A quest that is both gripping and dangerous!

Website : www.secrets-of-atlantis.com


ImageMoto Racer 3 Gold Edition

Release date: May 06
Publisher: Nobilis
Genre: Racing

Synopsis:  Rediscover the most comprehensive motorcycle game in a "Gold Edition" loaded with new improvements and new game play.   For all 2-wheel fans, all 6 disciplines are represented (Superbike, Traffic, Trial, Supercross, Motocross and Freestyle) all guaranteed to bring you excitement at every new turn.

Website : www.motoracer-thegame.com


ImageThe Secrets of Da Vinci, the forbidden manuscript

Release date: April 06
Format: PC & DVD I
Publisher: Nobilis
Genre: Adventure

Synopsis:  A manuscript hidden by Da Vinci himself, Francois 1st, a mysterious patron… all is there to take you on a gripping adventure in the heart of the Renaissance.

Website : www.secrets-of-da-vinci.com


Coffee Break 1 & 2

Release date: 2005
Publisher: Nobilis
Genre: Life simulation

Synopsis:  Two completely wacky games, an innovative concept (the only simulation game about the day-to-day life of a company), with the hilarity of the famous TV show... these surprising games will give you an absolutely unique experience!


Hotel GiantHotel Giant

Release date: 2002
Publisher: Jowood
Genre: Simulation

Synopsis: You are the manager of a luxury hotel, you'll have to take really good care of your clients, respond to their needs while running the hotel efficiently.  Beware!  The task is more difficult than it looks.




Release date: July 09
Publisher: Nobilis
Genre: Adventure / Platform

Synopsis: Trine is a physics-based action game where three characters allow clever solutions to challenges created by hazardous puzzles and threatening enemies.

 King's BountyKing's Bounty - The Legend 

Release date: October 08
Publisher: 1C/Nobilis
Genre: RPG / Turn-based strategy

Synopsis: Enter a 3D world and choose from 3 heroes (warrior, paladin or mage) to experience a breathtaking adventure in the world of Endoria!

Website : www.kings-bounty.com
Lost Planet

Release date: June 07
Publisher: Capcom
Genre: Action

Synopsis: In Lost Planet, confront your enemies in the midst of extreme conditions.  More than 12 epic missions with amazing weapons and super fast vehicles.


Release date: June 07
Publisher: Focus
Genre: Role Playing Game

Synopsis: Loki is a fantastical journey through the great mythologies of humanity.  Four characters with very specific features will introduce you to a unique and original game experience.


Two WorldsTwo Worlds

Release date: May 07
Publisher: Zuxxez
Genre: Role Playing Game

Synopsis: Two Worlds offers a rich and multi dimensional story line, impressive battles, numerous encounters and vast and gorgeous lands.

City Life Deluxe

Release date: February 07
Publisher: Focus
Genre: Management Game

Synopsis: City Life Deluxe, the best urban management game since Sims City, with an unprecedented level of details.

Gothic 3

Release date: November 06
Publisher: Jowood
Genre: Role Playing Game

Synopsis: This new opus on this property reinforces the success of its predecessors...reexperience a heroic and fantasy world where the rebels are just waiting for you  to start the fight.


Spell Force 1&2

Release date: N/A
Publisher: Jowood
Genre: Real Time Strategy

Synopsis: The latest real time strategy game, RTS players consider Spellforce  a "must-have".


Star AcademyStar Academy

Release date : 2003
Format: PC & PS2
Publisher: Monte Cristo
Genre: Life Simulation / Dance Game

Synopsis:  Who doesn't know Star Academy?  The most popular TV programme, sold out shows, millions of CDs sold, the success of "Star Academy" is no secret!   Why not discover its games for your greatest pleasure?


Jules Verne : Retour sur l'île Mystérieuse

Release date : 2004
Publisher: The Adventure Company
Genre: Adventure

Synopsis: Go on an adventure inspired by the Jules Verne's novel: The Mysterious Island.  You are Mina, a young castaway on a deserted island.  Beware! You'll have to face nature, loneliness and even the supernatural...