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Nobilis head office, Lyon
Nobilis head office, Lyon
2001 :  
The birth of Nobilis: A company distributing video games and console accessories.       
The partners from the very start : Radica Gamester (accessories), JoWood, Strategy First, Kemco …

- The launch of the game Hotel Giant™ (JoWood)
- Signing a distribution contract with Midway.

2003 : 
- Opening of affiliate Nobilis Iberica.
- Release of:
* Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance™ (Midway)
* Star Academy™ (Monte Cristo)

2004 : 
- Opening of the affiliate Nobilis Benelux.
- Nobilis sets-up its own in-house production department: Nobilis Publishing.
- Release of :
 * Sherlock Holmes et la Boucle d’Argent™ (Frogwares)
 * Egypte III Le Destin de Ramsès™ (The Adventure Company)
 * Atlantis Evolution™ (The Adventure Company)
 * Arcade Legends : Tetris™, Space Invaders™ et Sega™ (Radica)
 * Race Pac™ (Radica)
 * Pad Phoenix™(Gamester)


2005 : 
- Nobilis becomes an official publisher for Sony PlayStation 2.
- Signs a distribution contract with Capcom.
- Opens an office in Italy.
- Launch of the games : Coffee Break™ 1 et 2, Wild Water Adrenaline featuring Salomon™, Great Invasions™, Rebel Raiders™ (Kando), Agetec : Armored Core Nexus™, Kuon™, Echo Night Beyond™…
- Debut of :
 * Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks™ (Midway)
 * Agatha Christie Devinez Qui™ (The Adventure Company)
 * Jules Verne Retour sur l’Ile Mystérieuse™ (The Adventure Company)


Nobilis head office, Lyon
Nobilis head office, Lyon
2006 :
- Launching the games :  The Secrets of Da Vinci - The Forbidden Manuscript™, Moto Racer 3 Gold Edition™, The Secrets of Atlantis™, The Sacred Legacy™ and Destination Treasure Island
- Nobilis launches its own brand of accessories: Subsonic™
- Nobilis releases a series of 12 interactive  DVDs and signs a distribution deal with Warner Home Video.

 - Release of the games :
 * Devil May Cry 3.5 Platinum™ (Capcom)
 * Resident Evil 2 Platinum™ (Capcom)
 * Monster Hunter Freedom™ (Capcom)
 * Happy Feet™ (Midway)
 * Mortal Kombat Armageddon™ (Midway)


2007 :
- Development of the games: Mountain Bike Adrenaline™ (PS2), Eva Cash™ (PC), Circus Tycoon™ (PC), Martine at the farm™ (Nintendo DS), Death To Spies™ (PC), Cleopatra, a queen destiny™ (PC) Fantasy Wars™ (PC), Helldorado™ (PC), Napoleon's Campaigns™ (PC), TV Giant™ (PC), Gamme « I Love Cats™ » + « I Love Dogs™ » (PC), Loki™ (PC)
- Nobilis becomes an official distributor Nintendo™
- Nobilis releases its new series of Subsonic™ console accessories and acquires top notch distribution licencing (PES Konami™, Hori™ Co Ltd…)

 - Release of the games:
* Monster Hunter Freedom 2™ (Capcom)
* Two Worlds™ (Zuxxez)
* 32nd America's Cup™ (Focus)
* Looney Tunes™ (Warner Interactive)
* Lost Planet™ (Capcom)
* Ship Simulator 2008™ (Lighthouse)
* MotoGP 07™ (Capcom)


2008 :
- Publishing of : My Baby Girl, My Baby Boy, Moto Racer DS, Hotel Giant DS, Hello Kitty Daily, King’s Bounty (PC), Hotel Giant 2 (PC), Hard to be a God and Emma in the mountains (DS)
- Nobilis becomes an official Playstation Network™ and Playstation 3™ publisher.
- More than 1 million units of My Baby games sold - 1st time in Nobilis history!

Release of the games:
- Devil May cry 4 (Capcom)
- My Baby Girl and My Baby Boy (DS)
- Moto Racer DS
- Hotel Giant 2 (PC) and Hotel Giant DS
- Hello Kitty Daily (DS)
- King’s Bounty (PC)